Infamous Xbox Live Indie dev releases “Homeless”

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 23:55 GMT By Andrew Groen

The developers of such world-renowned titles as “Try Not to Fart,” and “Why Did I Buy This?” have released an all-new game with a much more somber tone. It’s called “Homeless” and stars a panhandler begging for spare change. Video after the break.

The video stars the homeless man explaining a bit about his origin story and what life is like for him while he intermittently asks the passing people for change (lining up as much money as possible in front of him before asking to optimize the income.) All the while his energy bar seems to inevitably dip lower and lower.

The only question is whether this developer’s track record holds true for this game. Will it be another lampoon, making a mockery of the issues of homelessness and hunger? Or a serious and somber look at the issues.