Awesomenauts’ latest character reveal is Yuri the mad scientist monkey

Tuesday, 6 December 2011 15:09 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Ronimo and dtp Entertainment have revealed the latest Awesomenauts character: Yuri, who is described as: a crazy and sadistic space monkey.

Once part of the soviet space program, Yuri was a monkey, experimentally shot into space during the 60’s cold war spacerace, who scientists lost track of when he entered a warpfield anomaly and was transported hundreds of years into the future.

Apparently, the radiation from the warpfields boosted Yuri’s mind to superintelligent levels allowing him to modify his broken rocket into “an equally mad timetraveling supercomputer jetpack” which can translate everything Yuri says and does. According to the PR, this causes the enemies to never quite be sure who is in control: “the mad scientist monkey, or the computer it created?”

Originally slated for a release this year, Awesomenauts will be made available for download on PSN and XBL in February 2012.

Check out the trailers for Yuri below.