Vita capable of ad-hoc multiplayer with PSP

Wednesday, 21 September 2011 09:04 GMT By Jessica Citizen

If you have a PlayStation Vita, but all your friends are living in the past with their puny PSPs, Sony has confirmed you’ll still all be able to play happily together.

Siliconera spotted an update on the Vita’s Japanese website which explains the process. Basically, if you download a PSP title onto your Vita from your PSN account, you’ll still be able to play ad-hoc multiplayer with PSP users playing the same game.

Unfortunately, this arrangement will not work across the board and we can’t tell you which games are compatible and which ones aren’t just yet, but Eurogamer asserts that “the majority” of games will be playable on both.

If you’re an RPG fan, listen up – the freshly-announced Lords of Apocalypse from Square Enix has already confirmed it will be released on both handhelds, meaning cross-platform gaming for everybody.