AU News Wrap, August 17 – What happened today

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 07:25 GMT By Stace Harman

The AU news wrap – here’s what happened in the past of the future.

Before you go any further, you must, must, must get caught up on Steph’s shift which was a long as it was Boom-packed – check out her news wrap for Sony asset blowouts, EA announcements and more.

Many of you reading this now will have been sleeping when these tasty morsels made a break for it. Fortunately, Brenna caught all the good bits in her magic news-catching net and committed them to digital paper by way of digital ink.

I’ll have a European news wrap for you in around nine hours time, but first: get caught up on this mother-lode, sleepy-head:

Expect lots more today as gamescom proper gives up its secrets and, of course, watch out for Brenna’s Bulletcast going up shortly.