Welcome Back Program now live for PSN users

Friday, 3rd June 2011 18:51 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Sony has announced that the Welcome Back Programs are now available to both European and North American PSN users.

For PS3 and PSP owners, go to the Welcome Back section in the PlayStation Store, and select 2 titles from the following lists in the US:


  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury


  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation

European users should follow the same instructions and choose from two of the following for each system:


  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
  • Wipeout HD + Fury


  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation

These offers are available to users who signed up with PSN on or before April 12 and includes a month free of PS Plus.

For an FAQ on the Welcome Back Program, click your region’s respective links above.



  1. onlineatron

    Does this have an expiration date?

    #1 4 years ago
  2. El Homer

    @1. It expires on July 3rd.

    It is happening some errors when you click on the links in the Welcome back content. I “bought” inFamous, the item shows as purchased but the download didn’t start :S

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Freek

    Yeah non of this stuff is actually accesable, the servers are completly overloaded and the store is borked.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. El Homer

    BTW. I leave in Brazil and have an US account.
    I was afraid that the content wouldn’t be available for me, but seems that Sony is considering the address registered in PSN, not the IP address of my console :)

    #4 4 years ago
  5. MadFingerz

    Well, I guess when you have inFamous, LBP and Wipeout already, there isn’t much choice left lol. Would love if you could choose from other games sold on the store…

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Khakimzhan

    Which one to choose – Dead Nation or Super Stardust HD?

    LBP my second choice (i already own the rest)

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Lord Gremlin

    Well, it’s mostly “error 80710D36″ and “this content can’t be selected at this time”.
    I’ve seen better offers. Like, well, actual stuff.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Well with all the error’s due to overload, I managed to get screwed out of one of my PSP games. Now the option disapeared and I can’t seem to get it.

    Both PS3 games worked fine. One PSP game worked fine. But then I went to do the second PSP game, got errors had to back out and now it’s gone. Checked my cart and my download list, not there.


    #8 4 years ago
  9. Gekidami

    From the PSBlog:

    “Try this:

    1. On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
    2. Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
    3. Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
    4. Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content””

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Yoshi

    @9 Thanks, the same thing happened to me so I’ll use that for when the errors have stopped :)

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    @9 Thank you that worked!!! :)

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Strandli

    I downloaded inFamous and Dead Nation here in EU :)
    …on my US account I downloaded Stardust and WipEout :D
    I get way more than I deserve :(

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Goffee

    Free movie rentals too…

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Unlimax

    Is LBP Full or what .. !
    its 2 GB and the full game has about 13~12 GB Hell the Demo was 1146 MB How the hell they named it ( FULL GAME )…

    And another Q .. is LBP Or any other games Have an expiration date ?

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Yoshi

    @13 wow dude… I feel sorry for you… seriously. Who lies to get free hits *facepalm*

    #15 4 years ago
  16. Gekidami

    ^ Apparently its true, from what i’m hearing in the US you can get Bad Boys, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within & Ghostbusters.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. ReeceHeywood

    Still not working for me. :-\

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Patrick Garratt

    I’m downloading inFamous now. It’s going to take 2,660 minutes.

    #18 4 years ago
  19. Patrick Garratt

    Now it’s 1,000 minutes.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. reask

    You will enjoy it Pat.
    @ errors.
    Just keep doing it, every time you get an error and it should eventually work.
    I have downloaded 3 games today plus infamous 2 demo.
    In Ireland btw.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. reask

    Its a pretty big game Pat so it will take a while I reckon.
    Then you have to install it. :)

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Gekidami

    I’ve downloaded Wipeout, R&C and Super Stardust. Its 2 games per account, btw. So i’ll be looking into what Japan has to offer when its up. :D

    #22 4 years ago
  23. Patrick Garratt

    It’s rattling along a bit now. 400 minutes. That’s better.

    #23 4 years ago
  24. RyougaZell

    How big is each game anyway? Im at the office and unable to check right now.

    #24 4 years ago
  25. triggerhappy686

    Still cant change my password so im locked out of PSN and my L.A. Noire DLC goodness :(

    #25 4 years ago
  26. mathare92

    Bummer. I never got around to making that US account. :(

    #26 4 years ago
  27. triggerhappy686

    PASSWORD RESET FUNCTION IS BACK!! YAY! Just grabbed all the Noire DLC :)

    PSN website seems to be nearly fully functional now.

    edit: website is proper back now, I can view my trophies and everything

    #27 4 years ago
  28. Patrick Garratt

    I got inFamous down and got the free Plus sub, but it’s not letting me take the second game. Getting lots of errors from the Store, to be honest. It must be getting really battered.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. triggerhappy686

    Yeh im getting constant DNS errors, going back then selecting what ever it was I was on again works after like the 3rd time.

    #29 4 years ago
  30. Patrick Garratt

    I can’t even get into the bit with the free games at the moment. I’m downloading Magic: The Gathering from the Plus sub. I’ll try again in a bit.

    #30 4 years ago
  31. Christopher Jack

    You can get in, you just have to try 100 times =\

    #31 4 years ago
  32. DrDamn

    Handy hint if you’ve previously managed to select something but it bombed out before it kicked off the download. It will be in your history available off one of the icons at the top. Go there as it hides it in the store if it thinks you already have it.

    #32 4 years ago
  33. Patrick Garratt

    Just tried looking at the PSP games. Got onto the Store, but I couldn’t see any mention of the Welcome Back Pack. And every time I tried to do anything I got an error.

    #33 4 years ago
  34. Phoenixblight

    Yeah you have to constantly go back in forth to refresh and hope it catches. I got the Infamous 2 demo but thats all I was able to get.

    #34 4 years ago
  35. Johnny Cullen

    I got all the games in some form already bar one: Dead Nation. So picked that up.

    #35 4 years ago
  36. Moonwalker1982

    Will Sony fix things cause this reall is bullshit. Two friends of mine got ‘cheated’ out of two free games, they kept getting those bullshit errors and all of a sudden the welcome back thing was gone, nothing downloaded. I myself was able to get Wipeout HD, but after that it was gone as well.

    #36 4 years ago
  37. KL

    @36 let’s not jump the gun to accuse them as ‘cheaters’ due to overload.guess some people can’t hide their feelings for too long.
    read what Gek added on @9 and tell it to your ill informed works

    #37 4 years ago
  38. elisio

    @37 no it doesn’t work. The welcome back stuff have disappeared from my account before i could download any of the games i had selected and it doesn’t show in the service list tab. So i’m a bit pissed at the moment.

    #38 4 years ago
  39. reask

    What Drdamn says.
    Also I tried downloading dead nation yesterday but it gave me an error.
    I went to store earlier and just went to games and selected same game.
    It said I had already d/L it so I just clicked d/L again and got it.
    It is working albeit with bugs.
    Should settle down over the weekend. :)

    #39 4 years ago
  40. KL

    @38 for the majority of users it does work.
    don’t worry you won’t be ‘cheated’ this will sorted out eventually in a few need to be pissed or get anxious about something you didn’t actually own to begin with which eventually you’ll get in the end.

    #40 4 years ago
  41. sg1974

    @36, @38 Seek and you will find. From Playstation blog (already posted but anyway…) -

    Q: I no longer have the option to choose my free Welcome Back games. What can I do?

    A: If you navigate away from the Welcome Back section of the store without choosing your free games or exit the store completely you may need to follow the below in order to choose and download your free games.

    1. On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB

    2. Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List

    3. Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed

    4. Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content”

    Worked for me like a charm

    #41 4 years ago
  42. elisio

    I’m not pissed about the games i didn’t get but about a service that is still not working properly. Kuddos to Sony for the free games but i’d rather have PSN working smoothly at long last.

    #42 4 years ago
  43. sg1974

    @42 Tens of millions are trying to do the same thing at same time. Happens all the time over the internet, no need to get worked up

    Follow isnstructions above and youll get your games with minimal fuss

    #43 4 years ago
  44. KL

    @42 PSN is working properly,you can still play online and have access to the store
    also what @43 said

    #44 4 years ago
  45. Goffee

    Managed to download a free movie rental (Resident Evil Degeneration), but the games aren’t showing up to download again, a bit hit or miss still – but slowly getting better. All the journos flying off to the States should have eased the load a bit!

    #45 4 years ago

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