PlayStation Rewards Program wraps beta, gets delayed indefinitely

Tuesday, 29th March 2011 06:21 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Not all betas function as glorified demos while their creators sip champagne, run victory laps, and then come to the very unpleasant realization that physically mixing metaphors probably isn’t the best idea. Case in point: the PlayStation Rewards Program. Its beta is nearly across the finish line, but it’s far from home free.

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the PlayStation Rewards Beta, which is ending on March 31st. Your feedback helped us understand the kinds of things that make you feel appreciated and valued,” Sony told beta participants in a recent email (as reported by 1UP).

“Based on what we learned, we have decided the program is not ready to roll out to the public in April as originally planned. But rest assured, we will continue to thank loyal and devoted customers like you with innovative offerings.”

In its current form, the program offers all manner of spiffy bonuses – including avatars, themes, Home content – in exchange for participation as a member of the PlayStation playerbase and the completion of goal-oriented quests. When/if the program returns, however, it could very well be an entirely different beast.



  1. metamorphic

    Shame. As an early member of the Rewards program, I felt it was an excellent addition to the PSN experience and that Quests were a natural extension of Trophies. While I wasn’t the kind that checked back every single day (or even week, rather) to see how they were progressing on the scales, I still felt that whatever I did on PSN (buying new games, whether disc-based or digital, getting trophies, avatars, etc.) had an effect and made things more worthwhile or at least seem meaningful.

    So while it’s nice to get a (hopefully cool) limited-ed shirt to commemorate the whole thing, I’ll be looking forward to see it return in the near future.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Hybridpsycho

    I’ve never understood these kinda things, I don’t really even care about trophies though. The only thing about trophies are that they make you explore a game further (sometimes).

    I normally just buy zeh games, play them and don’t give a shit about all this :p

    #2 4 years ago
  3. yamaz

    I’ve only understood what this “PlayStation Rewards” is about at the very end of the article… could you be a little more clear and straight out instead of making useless preambles?

    #3 4 years ago

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