GameStop looking to link ID system with console accounts

Thursday, 13th January 2011 06:49 GMT By Johnny Cullen


GameStop digital business GM Shawn Freeman has said that the company is looking to link its GameStop ID program with online accounts – PSN, Xbox Live – to help cut the “friction” out of purchasing map packs with the store and imputing the long codes.

The VP told Ars in an interview that it wants to “reduce even more of that friction, so when you buy that map pack in our store, we’re going to be able to associate your Xbox profile with your GameStop profile, and then automatically push that to your download queue.”

In fact, something like this is in the works, so that customers can have the option in future.

As for how this affects the platform holders, Freeman said: “Our view is that when you look at all the different ways people buy content digitally, that experience and that discovery experience is key to realize that opportunity… if we do a good job, that’s going to continue to bring value to our publishers and our platform partners, because we’re going to continue to drive more sales for them.”



  1. OlderGamer

    So, Gamestop is trying to establish a larger pressence in the digital marketplace. Can’t say I blame them, can’t say I like it either.

    Funny tho, we keep hearing from this exec or that(mostly publishers) that discs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And yet the biggest seller of disc based games is moving to position itself as a distrubiter of digital content.

    As a side note ya know one thing that irks me to no end is the notion that people only have one account/system/ID. I have a family of gamers. 3 xbl gold accounts. I want to be able to buy something once and be allowed to use it on either oy my systems w/o heavy restrictions.

    Because the way it is being done now, it is like buying a song, and having to pay for it each time you listen to it. I mean not as bad as that but you can see the parrelels. I buy the civ map packs and civ wonders pack, but if I want to use it in my den vs my living room, I need to buy it again. Or if my kid wants to play the game, we need to buy it a thrid time. Of course we could move the HDD around or “recover” my account to his system, but of course doing that means I can’t use the account on any other systems, online, at the same time.

    I mean madness really. I’d like that fixed.

    #1 4 years ago

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