Rumor: Raven Software developing stealth-based Bond game, taking focus off X-Men Origins sequel [Update]

Tuesday, 7 December 2010 11:58 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Tomorrow never dies. And neither does Bond.

Lord, that was a shitty movie.

According to a report from James Bond fan site MI6, one of Raven Software’s teams was hard at work on a stealth-centric James Bond title before MGM finally decided to stop ignoring the mountain of debt that’d been crushing it since 2005. In addition, Activision reallocated a bunch of Raven folks to work on Call of Duty map packs, rendering the stealthy Bond game effectively invisible for a time.

However, with MGM now plowing forward with its plan for profit through bankruptcy, Raven’s Bond game has been “taken off hiatus.”

Another Raven title – a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine – is apparently still “on the backburner.”

Oh well, at least things are finally looking up, right? Er, not necessarily. Raven recently came a few steps closer to “nevermore” status after 20-40 employees were laid-off a couple months ago. Allegedly, the lay-offs were intended to re-focus the studio toward development of DLC. Now though, with at least one full-blown game running full steam ahead, the developer could be spreading itself a little thin. Here’s hoping its barren job listing page repopulates soon.

Update: Hello, Mr. footage of said Bond game that’s hidden away in a showreel of Raven animator Hanjin Song. How are we today?

There’s footage of unfinished work as well as gameplay footage from what seems to be the game running on a PS3 inbetween bouts of Singularity below. It all starts from 20 seconds in.

Thanks, GAF.

DemoReel 2010 by Hanjin Song from Hanjin Song on Vimeo.