Rumor: “Numerous” devs working with PSP2, prepping “significant” launch line-up

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 05:32 GMT By Nathan Grayson

psp trophies

The bell’s tolling. The fat lady’s singing. Somewhere, a PSP squirrel is squeezing out a single badly drawn tear.

Farewell, PSP. You’ll always be in our hear– well, hello there, hot stuff. You say your name’s PSP2? Want to, we don’t know, get a coffee or something? You know, it’s been rumored that you have a touch screen. Maybe we could have a look at it?

According “multiple industry sources” that spoke with Develop, Sony’s making a major push with its still unannounced PSP2 hardware. Nope – turns out that the presumably powerful portable’s launch won’t just consist of a single, incredibly lonely Mortal Kombat title.

Instead, Sony’s shooting for a “significant launch window line-up” – hopefully putting a premature end to the console-maker’s dubious tradition of slow starts and proclamations of RIIIIIIIDGE RACER that still echo around the Internet to this very day. Apparently, “numerous” developers – both third-party and in-house – are currently in possession of PSP2 hardware.

Here’s hoping we’ll have something to feast our detail-starved eyes on soon. Otherwise, we might have to start working our seductive magic on other portable game consoles. Hey, 3DS, you doing anything this weekend?