Retailers suggest 2011 3DS release for Europe

Thursday, 24th June 2010 16:27 GMT By Joe Anderson


Retailers are suggesting 3DS will be released in February, with a price tag of around £200.

Marc Spence, head of entertainment for Best Buy UK, told MCV:  “It was a real wow moment when we first held the 3DS, but unfortunately I don’t think we will see it this year.”

Another retailer, Sarah Jasper from The Hut, added: “At E3 I managed to get hands on with 3DS and found the experience very impressive.

“With only rumours of the release date, I hope to get my hands on one of these again before Christmas, but I suspect it is unlikely for this year.”

Asda’s new head of games, Andrew Thompson, added: “UK retail will be holding its breath hoping for a 2010 3DS release to deliver a much-needed boost to hardware sales.

“In reality, it may be that stock will be built for the US and Japan markets before we see 3DS in Europe.”

Nintendo has promised that 3DS will be released in all major markets before March 31, 2011.



  1. LePlatypus

    I’m sold already with this, my birthday’s the month before so i’ll have some cash, I am definately getting this because I’m a Nintendo Handheld fanboy!

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Bulk Slash

    I’m definitely willing to pay that much if most of the games shown at E3 are in the launch line up.

    I am a bit surprised by the price, I’d have expected Nintendo to come up with something a bit more mass market friendly, especially for a handheld.

    #2 5 years ago

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