“We need buttons to have certain kinds of experiences”, says Sony

Sunday, 20th June 2010 14:15 GMT By Joe Anderson


Sony has revealed that it looked into technology such as Kinect, before finally deciding on PlayStation Move.

Speaking in an extensive interview with Digital Foundry, Sony Europe’s Richard Marks said that sometimes, buttons are just necessary.

“I’m a heavy proponent of 3D cameras. I think they’re really interesting technology”, he said.  “We had many different 3D camera prototypes and we had our game teams look into that to evaluate what they could do with it. There are some experiences that it can do that are really neat but there just weren’t enough experiences that made it make enough sense as a platform-level controller.

“Coming back is that sometimes we need buttons to have certain kinds of experiences. Other times we need more precision than we can get out of those cameras. We need to know exactly what you’re doing with your hands, especially in the more hardcore experiences.”

In response to this, Digital Foundry asked if Marks feels that technology like Kinect actually limits gamers.

“If it’s just that 3D camera, yeah I guess, he said. “That’s what we ran into with EyeToy. When you have only the camera, it’s a magical feeling but sometimes you just wish you could select something.

“I don’t want to wave to click a button.”

You can read the whole interview with Richard Marks over at Digital Foundry, it’s very interesting and definitely worth the read.

PlayStation Move is due for release starting September this year.



  1. Elven_Star

    No kidding. Who wants to make monkey moves to watch a movie on dashboard FFS?

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Gama_888

    pretty much the only thi9ng i like about kinect is controlling the dashboard with it, i think its quite a neat feature to wave it across, kinda reminds me of a touch screen,
    im kinda hoping they do the same sorta thing with move

    #2 5 years ago
  3. polygem

    well of course you need buttons for some interactions – or at least they work better for some things. but i prefer to have these buttons on my actual original controller…kinect can add other things to the basic gameplay with the controller, like voice recognition, solving puzzles with voice and/or handmoves etc…i don´t know who will win the functionality price for movement controlls in hc games – right now i really got some mixed emotions. it could be cool to use the move controllers but it could also turn out to be pretty annoying. i´m still not digging the movement control thing at all but i think if ms, or other devolpers are clever they can add something to the gameplay via kinect without taking the beloved controller from the hc crowd – i would love that. i still don´t like the idea of playing a whole game with these move things alone…we´ll soon find out and the fanboy wars will continue.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Nico23

    i dnt think tis was the right move, personally kinect technology is wasted on games there is no need for it, the only thing i really liked is moving ma dashboard with ma hands, voice regognision. i recon that another company will see notice this technology and do wat microsoft should have , not made it for games+ theres a lot of lag lol

    #4 5 years ago
  5. koopa

    if natal is 150, no thanks, but i do like the new 360.

    #5 5 years ago

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