InstantAction launch gifts embeddable Monkey Island

Sunday, 2 May 2010 16:12 GMT By Joe Anderson


Embedded music and videos are old hat, but thanks to innovator InstantAction it’s now possible to stream and embed games directly to your site. Proper games. Like The Secret of Monkey Island.

The point ‘n’ click classic is now embeddable in the same way as a Flash movie. Check it out below.

Evan Wilson, senior research analyst of Pacific Crest Securities told Kotaku, “It was only a matter of time before the internet disrupted the extremely limited distribution channels available to game creators, enabling direct-to-consumer access and more control over sales performance and profits.

“The InstantAction platform virtually obliterates the obstacles to game distribution by making it possible for anyone to embed any video game anywhere on the web, just like embedding a video. For game creators, this opens up distribution channels that haven’t previously been an option – especially for console-quality games. For consumers, it creates endless possibilities for game discovery, risk-free trial, and faster downloads.”

InstantAction currently only works with PC, however there are plans to include support for Mac in the future.