360 dashboard shows Gears of War 3 for April 2011 release [Update]

Friday, 9 April 2010 11:45 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Gears 3 DB

Update: Looks like its been pulled. We just checked if it was still there, but it ain’t no more.

Original: Gears of War 3 is apparently official: a window on the 360 Dashboard shows it as such.

The outing has also apparently confirmed the game for an April 2011 release, as previously reported, with the title set to “conclude” the story that started four years ago.

This comes as lead designer of the series Cliff Bleszinski is set to announce a new Epic title on US TV; this has already been heavily tipped to be Gears 3.

It was due to be announced by now – Bleszinski was set to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show in the US last night – but is now on hold until Monday.

Thanks, AGB.