European GoW III Blu-ray fills 40Gb, says Sony Santa Monica

Monday, 22 February 2010 11:02 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Sony Santa Monica developer Tim Moss has said God of War III will fill over 35Gb on a Blu-ray when it releases next month.

“35Gb of goodness. Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays,” he said in a tweet (via tLG).

The director of technology at the studio even revealed the European edition of the game could probably fit about 40Gb worth of data with the added localisations and voice-overs.

Euro version is bigger, in low 40’s. 9+ languages.”

God of War III is released on March 16 in the US with a March 19 launch expected for the UK, although it isn’t currently confirmed at this point.

The game went gold at the weekend, so expect confirmation soon.

Thanks, Gekidami.