Rumor: Mass effect 2 “may” be heading to PS3

Friday, 16th October 2009 15:01 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Mass Effect 2

The rumors of Mass Effect 2 heading to PS3 received another shot in the arm, thanks to a comment made by BioWare’s Jay Watamaniuk during a presentation at Poznan Game Arena.

While demoing ME2 at the event, Watamaniuk slipped up and said it was to hit three platforms: PC, Xbox 360, “and probably PS3.”

According to Polish website Polygamia, which was at the event, Watamaniuk seemed to realize what he said and started to take it back by using the old stand-by: “The studio doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation”.

We’ll send a mail out to BioWare for you, but don’t expect to get more than the extended no comment response.

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  1. theevilaires

    Steph why you want to start stuff :D

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Eregol

    Anyone else think that the next time we see the headline:
    ‘Mass Effect 2 may come to PS3!’
    The story underneath will probably just say ‘No comment.’

    #2 5 years ago
  3. CroKiller

    Wata wat? :D

    #3 5 years ago
  4. mescalineeyes

    I wish they just came out and admitted it’s coming to ps3, I realize this is not possible right now, but this is getting a bit much.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. theevilaires

    You know those exclusive contract deals Mes, They can be lethal…or just a form of beta testing :P

    #5 5 years ago
  6. mescalineeyes

    a form of beta testing

    that’s funny, because it’s true. :> … not ME2, mind you.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Stephany Nunneley

    Because I am an evil, conniving witch theevilaires! Well, a woman. Apples to apples, ya know. :-D

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Gekidami

    That picture up there is horrible.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. kmtburton

    if they do then they need to bring the first one out first otherwise most wont care although unlike most i have all three systems so could care less if this stays 360 exclusive (console wise) since MS is starting to run slim on good exclusives anyway

    #9 5 years ago
  10. SticKboy

    This is awesome news! A tenner says Holiday 2010 release.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. theevilaires

    You’re not evil Steph stop trying to act tough or should I say stop pulling a stickboy.

    Gek I have a 1080p wallpaper of the same image and looks pretty sweet.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. mescalineeyes

    A tenner says Holiday 2010 release.

    April 2011, bundle with both games on ps3, 3rd game simultaneous release for holiday 2012.

    that’s what my hunch is based on the info I’ve (over)heard.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Gekidami

    What is Jay Watamaniuk’s role at Bioware btw? Is he someone we should be taking notice of?

    #13 5 years ago
  14. Blerk

    It’s not automatic that you get the first one before the second one. They could just do a compilation ‘previously on’ DVD like they did with Xenosaga in Europe. I think it’s probably too late for a release of the first game now anyway.

    That said, it really wouldn’t surprise me to see the second one arriving on PS3. And so it ought to – Mass Effect’s awesomes! :-)

    #14 5 years ago
  15. Johnny Cullen

    Watamaniuk’s role, I think, is that he is a writer on the story for Mass Effect 2.

    #15 5 years ago
  16. ScreenTearing

    Like kmtburton said, if Bioware don’t release ME1 to the PS3 then ME2 is not going to sell very well on that platform.

    Still, since the Mass Effect IP belongs to EA, I believe at least ME2 will be heading to the PS3, it’s only a matter of when (6 or 12 months after launching on 360).

    #16 5 years ago
  17. Gekidami

    Well look at Dead Rising; Original is on 360 *cough*andWii*cough* and the sequel is on PS3 and 360.
    I think this whole “Needs the first one” thing comes from the fact that in ME2 you can use save data from the first game (and i think that as it turns out that isnt all that important in the end). Other then that though there are plenty of games that have started on one system and contiuned on another.

    Watamaniuk is a writer then? Well thats an important role and all but would he really be aware of where the game is going? Could just be a guess…

    #17 5 years ago
  18. kmtburton

    the story intertwines (unless im wrong) so some would dismiss this since they cant get the whole story i could care less about the save data stuff i just used the default anyway

    #18 5 years ago
  19. kmtburton

    forgot to mention Dead Rising while it had a good story you really dont need the original to know whats going on plus its not tied together

    #19 5 years ago
  20. Gekidami

    True, there are other games though that have only been on one system then went to another in the sequel.

    In the end anyone who really wants it will already own a 360 and will get it for that anyway. Chances are if it is coming to PS3 then EA are holding back the news because it might hinder some sales on the game when it comes out, because if it does come to PS3 it’ll be a good year after the 360 version.

    #20 5 years ago
  21. RomaTotti10

    I think it would good business for EA and Bioware now that the PS3 is selling so well. I hope it isn’t delayed too long. A years delay is far too long but a month or two is acceptable.

    #21 5 years ago
  22. kmtburton

    Well either way doesnt matter to me as I said but if it does hit PS3 as well I personally would get it for PS3 just because I enjoy playing my PS3 more but wouldnt mind playing it on 360.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. theevilaires

    everything gets delayed for ps3 because M$ pays for 1 year exclusivity. Then they tout hey we have more exclusives. I’m getting sick of it. I’m so close to flashing my 360 drive and playing back ups.

    #23 5 years ago
  24. Blerk

    Have you actually played anything on your 360 yet? :-D

    The thing that might scupper Mass Effect 1 on PS3 is whether Microsoft’s publishing deal for the original is still in effect or whether it expires at some point.

    #24 5 years ago
  25. TastyAcidMilkk

    itl come eventualy

    #25 5 years ago
  26. Phoenixblight

    Jay is actually no one of real importance just the guy that handles Community on the Forums.

    If he was a lead designer I would take notice but he isn’t.

    #26 5 years ago
  27. SplatteredHouse

    For PS3 ME2, they could easily do something similar to the start of Fallout 3. Present an orientation test, that builds up your own Shepard, based on your reaction and response to events in the previous game.

    Maybe also give an alternate character to PS3, to avoid the weirdness of “well, if I was there, why don’t I recall any of this!” :p So, in the PS3 version, you could play someone affected by the decisions of Shepard, in ME1.
    This also gets around the reported requirement from Sony, to provide fresh content, if you want the game on PS3, after a period of Xbox exclusivity, I think.

    #27 5 years ago
  28. Blerk

    You can already start the 360 version of Mass Effect 2 without a Mass Effect 1 game save, so there shouldn’t be any need to do anything extra should a PS3 version appear.

    #28 5 years ago
  29. Phoenixblight

    No but if people want to understand what has happened in the previous game they must. Can’t just drop them in Empire strikes back and not know what happened in A New Hope. They will have to do something for Mass Effect 1 for Ps3 to release the second one.

    #29 5 years ago
  30. Aimless

    Blerk, EA published the game on PC so I don’t imagine there’s any contractual reason it couldn’t come to the PS3.

    The only problem with porting the first Mass Effect is that by this point I think they’d have to rework it a fair bit — it was an early UE3 game with the technical foibles that implies, plus there was simple usability issues and the like that they seem to be addressing in the sequel — which would obviously involve more man hours than a straight port. I suppose they could re-issue it as a “Director’s Cut” on the 360 and PC as well, though, so it might be worth their while.

    On the other hand there must already be a mechanism in ME2 that caters to those who haven’t played the first. I don’t think it’s outlandish to assume that most people who will play the second experienced the first, but there will no doubt be a good chunk who jumped straight in at number two or simply don’t have saves for the first game anymore.

    Only one thing can be said for sure: if they do bring the first across and they don’t get rid of the rubbish ‘Ally’ Achievements someone needs to be thrown out an airlock.

    #30 5 years ago
  31. Blerk

    But I imagine they don’t want to restrict the game purely to people who bought the first one. I’m sure it must be possible to play it without intricate knowledge of the first game – a ‘previously on’ intro or something to fill in the basics, or an extension of the first game’s encyclopaedia thingy with all the info from the first game available from the off.

    #31 5 years ago
  32. SplatteredHouse

    Ally achievements? In my game, I tried to include Tali, in every mission (I think she missed a couple, just because there were better suited crew members for what was being asked) and I was a bit disappointed, really, when the game ended, but I gained no Quarian achievement. :(

    #32 5 years ago
  33. Galactic_Barret

    Package the first in with the second, call it a LE/SE/CE and charge $60/70. Gotta fill up the BD somehow and I’m sure it’ll fulfill Sony’s extra content requirement.

    #33 5 years ago
  34. Phoenixblight

    @ Blerk

    You are right I guess they could do something in the nature of KOTOR 2 where the PC selected the type of person and history Revan had. And also based on that include information on the Codex in game. But still the whole Mass Effect 2 will deter new people from joining thinking they will need to play the first. I hope they do release Mass Effect 2 and 3 on the Ps3 it will be the final nail in the Xbox coffin atleast for me. I have no reason to play my Xbox if that is the case.

    #34 5 years ago
  35. Mike

    Strange that you hope for no reason to play your 360. I’d be pretty angry if I found out I had no reason to play on a console I bought. I wouldn’t be happy.

    #35 5 years ago
  36. DrDamn

    “Can’t just drop them in Empire strikes back and not know what happened in A New Hope.”

    Not exactly the best example to use to illustrate your point is it? A series which began at number 4 :-)

    #36 5 years ago
  37. Phoenixblight

    I bought 360 for Mass Effect and I bought the PS3 for Final Fantasy XIII. Once I bought my Ps3 last APril, my 360 has been collecting dust until I get Dragon age, and Mass Effect 2.

    I like Playing my PS3 more, controller can be wireless, system has wifi, don’t have to pay for multiplayer.

    @DrDamn, It did start somewhere tho with Luke and not Luke already a jedi and supporting the rebell.

    #37 5 years ago
  38. blackdreamhunk

    mass effect is best played on the pc. In fact the pc verion got highr scores. The same will hold true for for mass efeect 2

    I love bioware, i still have mass effect on my computer.

    fly a ship in the space battle.

    #38 5 years ago
  39. Phoenixblight

    Mass Effect was only better on the PC because it was six months after the console release so it gave them time to make a UI and fix majority of the bugs. ME 2 will have the same release date for 360 and PC.

    #39 5 years ago
  40. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    They COULD package a ME1/ME2 bundle for like $80 with some silly PS3 exlcusive bonus and people would line up.

    #40 5 years ago
  41. theevilaires

    i needed a paper weight. @ Blerk I don’t actually own any 360 games atm. I have played several over a friend’s house. you know like you do when the hype gets to you so much you must beg your brother in law to rent UC2.

    I could have every worth while 360 exclusive with a click of my mouse but that would make me an asshole now wouldn’t it.

    #41 5 years ago
  42. blackdreamhunk

    yea they used you console gamers as genie pigs, so pc gamers get the best verion.

    thank you for taking the fall, so I could get the best verion lol

    #42 5 years ago
  43. Phoenixblight

    No you jack ass. Once EA and Bioware joined, EA made them go with the PC version. Devs before the merger were not sure of there being a PC version in the first place.

    #43 5 years ago
  44. blackdreamhunk

    yea well I got the sweeter deal better graphics and gameplay.

    we pc gamers always do, it’s why our platform is so much better lol

    #44 5 years ago
  45. freedoms_stain

    If recent trends continue then I think we can pretty much interpret most pc release dates for mulriplat titles as ‘provisional’ Phoenix.

    Glad to hear ME is good quality on pc though since I bought it the other day.

    #45 5 years ago
  46. blackdreamhunk

    hey check this video out for the pc verion

    yea there was mods too, to improve your mass effect experince too.

    can’t seem to find that youtube video of tha mass effect mod with better improve graphics.

    #46 5 years ago
  47. The Hindle

    yep its inevitable is this, just wish they would bloody confirm it

    #47 5 years ago
  48. Phoenixblight

    The only issue with ME on the PC is all the antiPiracy programs, DRM the whole enchilada.

    One of the major probs with PC ME.

    @45 I agree. SInce the 360 and the PC have similar developing style it will make it easier to do multiplat releases. Only the Ps3 has the issue with different programming style.

    #48 5 years ago
  49. blackdreamhunk

    I want a space battle like X3 in masseffect. man that game made me want to play a space sim right after when I had beat the game.

    #49 5 years ago
  50. Anders


    He used to be a community manager. As Cullen said, he is a writer nowadays.

    #50 5 years ago
  51. Gekidami

    From community manager to writer? Now THATS a promotion!

    On a side note: So why was a writer out demo’ing the game? That sounds odd.

    #51 5 years ago
  52. f1r3storm

    Hi folks

    There is a report circulating today based on an appearance I made in Poland yesterday. Seems there was a misunderstanding about ME2 coming to PS3.

    Let me clarify today: ME2 is coming to PC and X360 only. Look for them both on Jan 26 in NA and Jan 29 in Europe.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    #52 5 years ago
  53. Phoenixblight


    He is not a writer. You can go into the Forums and it states what each DEV does. He is a community manager.

    Hell that link firestorm posted is proof he isn’t a writer. He just handles all the web stuff for ME

    #53 5 years ago
  54. Monk

    for me, I really don`t give this game a shit.

    #54 5 years ago
  55. Howie Feltersnatch

    aye laddy – i don’t give this game a shit neither. Mass effect can sit on my mass prick.

    #55 5 years ago
  56. KiNg_HaRo


    #56 5 years ago

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