“Interest has been very strong” in Free Radical sale, says ReSolve

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:55 GMT By Mike


In continuation of a claim made early December last year, administrator ReSovle Partners has told GI that interest in the purchase of Free Radical is still “very strong.”

“At this stage interest has been very strong,” said ReSovle’s Cameron Gunn.

“We’re advertising the business and assets for sale and there’s been some significant interest expressed from all over the world, so we’re now in the process of exploring that interest.

“The sale process itself will take a few weeks to run through, so we are thinking at this stage probably towards the end of January we should be in a better position to know whether or not we’ve got a decent sale – mid to late January,” he added.

Free Radical Design cut its workforce from 140 to 40 on December 31 in a bid to stay afloat.

More through the GI link.

By Mike Bowden