Sacred 2 to have legal game-sharing

Saturday, 8th November 2008 07:16 GMT By Patrick Garratt


CDV’s to allow people to access Sacred 2 for free via P2P sharing, the publisher’s announced, although play with be time-locked to a day before you’re supposed to pay for the game.

The code will be cracked, of course, but the publisher is simply hoping that people will reward it in return for allowing people to get the full client for nothing.

“Nothing is, of course, uncrackable in the world of video games,” CDV chap Mario Kroll told MTV.

“Our intention is not to build Fort Knox (and thus surely irritating paying, legitimate customers), but instead to offer a sensible sharing solution that works for publishers and gamers.”

“Surely there will be cracks and unlock solutions,” he continued, “but we’re hoping that by extending the spirit of sharing and trying to be really unobtrusive in our approach, that consumers will do the right thing and reciprocate by paying for a high-value, high-quality game.

“I think with this approach, if it can be proven a success story, it will encourage other publishers to follow suit, rewarding those consumers that are fed up with other, overly draconian copy protection schemes impacting their enjoyment of games they bought.”

More through there. Sacred 2′s out in the first quarter of next year.



  1. Esha

    This is unprecedented, and quite clever to boot.

    Beyond that, I can’t really say anything more. They’re making the pirating process easier, that’s for sure. A more accessible and reliable source for the software that only requires a crack to run, thus opening the door to more casual crackers.

    Of course, it has to be noted that Sacred 2 is an RPG, and RPGs (unless they’re too action-oriented) usually draw a more cerebral and intellectual crowd, and a crowd that would likely realise that they’re going to need some money to ensure their future survival.

    CDV has set the field, and the players are in place, so it”s going to be very interesting to watch how this plays out.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. ElfShotTheFood

    The PC version is already out in several territories, and is due in North America next week. The console versions are scheduled for February 2009.

    Anyways, this is a good idea, akin to “Guest Passes” for Steam games and the old multiplayer spawn installs from Blizzard titles.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Esha

    “[...] and the old multiplayer spawn installs from Blizzard titles.”

    I’d completely forgotten about those, I remember those. I also remember that playing a multiplayer spawn install was what convinced me to pick up Diablo more than anything else.

    I wonder if they’ll be in place for Diablo III?

    Anyway with a mind free enough to realise it should be more than aware that it’s about time for a bit of a renaissance when it comes to how liberal companies are with sharing their properties. For a long while, it’s all been about keys and locks, with even ownership being a stunningly grey area. But a more liberal approach that leans towards full ownership and even sharing is becoming popular with the gaming crowd these days, otherwise GOG wouldn’t be making any money, eh?

    This could be a very clever move on CDV’s part. And I’d love to see a big name title try something like this, I know that that’s a risk, especially now that we’re in a recession and everyone’s watching their bankbooks like paranoid children guarding their toys, but still… it would be fascinating to observe.

    Goo’s doing pretty well too, from what I hear. And that has no DRM included when bought from the site.

    #3 6 years ago

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