NXE isn’t finished yet, says Microsoft

Monday, 3rd November 2008 11:44 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Microsoft’s confirmed that New Xbox Experience isn’t yet finished, but has assured that the 360 UI update will be completely done and dusted in time for its release on November 19.

“It’s not,” said Major Nelson podcast regular “e” when asked why Microsoft doesn’t just ship NXE now seeing as it’s “obviously ready”.

“It’s really, really close, but there are a lot of things that surround the NXE, that are part of the experience, that aren’t necessarily in the code that lives in your console, and all of those need to be 100 percent done as well, not just the console code.

“So, we’re still just buttoning up all those loose ends, making sure everything works just right. The public preview is a chance for some people to get a taste of it. They’ll probably notice a few things moving around during the preview, but we’re almost done, and on the 19th we’ll be ready for everybody.”

The New Xbox Experience is a full UI revamp for Xbox 360, who’s launch on November 19 will be the “the biggest moment in the history of the internet” according to Xbox product boss Aaron Greenberg. That quote will never be old.



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    90 minutes until some Gears 2 reviews!

    Woo hoo!

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    We’re counting down to reviews now? :-|

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    It’s fucking dead today. I’m writing a story about a PS3 game vending machine.

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    They also mentioned later in the podcast that more previews would be pushed out to those that signed up but didn’t get in on the last round of handouts.

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    Hurry up Pat. I’m eagerly awaiting news on that PS3 game vending machine.

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    FM 2009 demo is out.

    It’s getting a bit of a backlash due to not working on many peoples computers over on the SI forum.

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    Ta, I’ll have a look.

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