Bach denies Blu-ray Xbox 360 announcement today

Monday, 9 June 2008 07:53 GMT By Patrick Garratt


That was quick. Despite a Crunchgear report yesterday rumouring a Blu-ray-powered Xbox 360 announcement today, Microsoft entertainment devices boss Robbie Bach has already boxed it.

“That is so far out that there isn’t anything to talk about,” he said in an SFGate interview.

Bach added: “You have to look at how fundamentally compelling the difference is between a progressive scan DVD player and the picture that it can produce and what you get on a high-definition player. The reality is there is some difference, but most people look at it and say, ‘I am not going to pay extra for that.'”

Look, internet: it isn’t true. These, of course, are famous last words and it’ll probably be announced this afternoon. Saying things aren’t true is a little like smoking while you wait for buses, especially when Microsoft’s concerned.