iPlayer on Wii is “ironic”, says BBC

Thursday, 10 April 2008 07:21 GMT By Patrick Garratt

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The BBC has explained its decision to put iPlayer on Wii instead of PS3 or 360, calling the move “ironic” and saying the announcement makes a “mockery” of Microsoft and Sony’s multimedia aspirations.

“How ironic that it is the Nintendo Wii, and not the Playstation 3 nor Xbox 360, that becomes the first of the current generation of consoles to have a truly dynamic range of online video content,” said BBC journo Darren Waters on his blog.

“The BBC’s announcement of a deal with Nintendo to put the iPlayer’s streaming service on the console makes something of a mockery claims by Sony and Microsoft that their consoles are the true multimedia machines.”

The BBC announced yesterday that its iPlayer software – and the BBC programming that goes with it – is now available in early form on Wii.

There’s plenty more through the link.