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  • Report - Game Industry to hit $70B by 2015

    Market research firm DFC Intelligence predicts that the game industry will hit an estimated $70.1 billion by 2015, due to console, portable, Pc and online gaming growth.

  • Study - 30% of people only play freebies

    Newzoo has concluded that approximately 30 percent of folks don’t pay to play games.

  • Study - US gamers spent $25.3 billion on games last year

    According to a study conducted by Newzoo and TNS,  the US spent approximately $25.3B on games in 2009. UK’ers spent around £3.8B.

  • Violent games effect sleep patterns less than previously thought

    Another day, another study by a group on the effects of videogames on the human psyche. This time, it’s from researchers in Australia who have concluded that violent games don’t make falling much more difficult than normal.

  • WHO claims obesity in kids can partially be blamed on gaming

    The World Health Organization has claimed in a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics that videogames are one of the main causes of childhood obesity in the world.

  • Study: Young boys don't progress as quickly in school if gamers

    According to a study conducted by Denison University in Ohio, videogames can hurt knowledge retention in school and with homework.

  • Nielson: 4.9% of entertainment dollars spent on gaming

    Nielsen has issued some of the results of a study it conducted tracking the spending habits of those in the US.. Called the Nielsen 360° Gaming Report: United States Market, the study found that Americans spent 4.9 percent of their total entertainment allotment on gaming.

  • "Study": Kids that play FPS games are less empathetic

    Supernanny Jo Frost’s new show in the UK, Extreme Parental Guidance, will have its debut episode focusing on children and violent videogames. To help her along, Frost solicited Iowa State University’s Dr. Douglas Gentile to conduct a study with her on 40 boys and the after effects of playing a FPS.

  • Analyst: Reviews are the "least important factor" to gamers

    A Cowen Group survey has revealed that game reviews are the “least important factor” to consumers when deciding on which title to purchase. Instead, according to analyst Doug Creutz, gamers rely mainly on word of mouth and publishers should stop focusing on scoring a high review. “We believe that while Metacritic scores may be correlated […]

  • WiiFit study implies that WiiSports provides a better workout

    The American Council on Exercise has issued a report on the effectiveness of WiiFit and how much of an impact it makes using it as a sole means for exercise and physical fitness. To make things more official and accurate, the council enlisted the help of research experts John Porcari, Alexa Carroll, and Carl Foster […]

  • Study - Games offer US "rare opportunity" to invest in youth education

    A new study, Game Changer: Investing in Digital Play to Advance Children’s Learning and Health, has advised that games can be used as an educational force for American good. “Despite their reputation as promoters of violence and mayhem, digital games have in fact been shown to help children gain content and vital foundational and 21st-century […]

  • Games "nomalize" (sic) killing, says report

    According to this, a recent study at the Indiana School of Medicine has shown that, “Exposure to violent video games, even E [Everyone – Ed] rated video games, increases aggressive thoughts, increases pro-social behavior and increases general arousal,” said Dr Greg Snyder, a psychologist at Omaha’s Children’s Hospital. The study compared brain scan of a […]

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