Milo & Kate

Milo’s tech is present in Fable: The Journey, says Lionhead

Lionhead’s creative director, Gary Carr, has reiterated the closest we’ll ever get to playing Milo & Kate will be Fable: The Journey.

Milo & Kate headlines

  • Lionhead: Project Milo never really a game, but Fable: The Journey is

    In a revealing session at Develop in Brighton, Lionhead creative director Gary Carr revealed that the shelved Project Milo began well before Kinect arrived and was never really a game – but Fable: The Journey certainly is.

  • Milo & Kate video shows off environments

    A Milo and Kate video has appeared that shows off what some of its environments. Beach, living room and garden locations are spotted The Lionhead Kinect title was announced back in 2009 at E3, with comments appearing on and off about a retail release. It was supposedly canned last September, but Microsoft or Lionhead has […]

  • Milo & Kate director posts in-depth look at fated development

    Milo & Kate developer John Dower has posted a new video detailing his three years working on the now-cancelled Lionhead Kinect game, showing plenty of new content and a dreamlike project of which many will feel simply robbed. Take a look after the break.

  • Milo & Kate "was never announced as a game," says Kinect creator

    Just in case you still had small hope of Milo & Kate coming out, here it is about to be killed off, trapped in the car that’s about to blow up.

  • Molyneux at TED: Milo has "dark adventures," but there are no plans for release

    If the BBC is to be believed, Peter Molyneux said in his Milo TED talk yesterday that Microsoft has no current plans to release Kinect child-sim Milo & Kate.

  • Braben: Kinectimals does not use Milo & Kate tech

    Frontier has said its feline-filled Kinectimals does not use any technology based on Lionhead’s Milo & Kate, despite comments made earlier in the week by Microsoft.

  • Molyneux on Milo technology: it "actually does work"

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told attendees at GameHorizon in Newcastle that Milo & Kate is still on the way from the studio.

  • Molyneux's Milo & Kate TED talk detailed

    Details for Peter Molyneux’s TEDGlobal seminar, which will feature a re-reveal of Kinect oddity Milo & Kate, have been confirmed.

  • Molyneux: Milo & Kate to be shown in July

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told VG247 that Milo & Kate, the studio’s Kinect-centric project, will be re-revealed next month.

  • Interview: Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux

    Love him or hate him, Peter Molyneux is a major figure in global entertainment. His habit of “upselling” his projects has earned him the nickname Six Gun Pete, but we found the Lionhead boss in relaxed form in Los Angeles last night. We spoke with him after going hands-on with Fable III. The Microsoft Games […]

  • Molyneux: Milo plays a bigger role in "a more dramatic story"

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has revealed there might just be more to Milo & Kate than first imagined.

  • Molyneux: Milo explores "whole new area of interaction"

    Peter Molyneux’s told Techradar that Natal-based Milo & Kate will herald a “whole new area of interaction” in games, with focus coming back on the player as opposed to just being on the screen. “What we found while making Milo, is that part of the skill of designing this whole new experience is in making […]

  • More on Milo & Kate "soon" says Molyneux

    Right at the end of an interview with IGN, Lionhead boss and creative director of MGS Europe Peter Molyneux has said that we’ll hear a lot more on Milo & Kate “soon”. Slipped in right at the end of the chat, he says: “I wish I could answer more questions about Milo, but you’ll hear more […]

  • GamesCom: MS's GC press event all in one place

    Oh Peter, you sly dog. Don’t ever change. So, Fable III was announced at the MS conference this morning in Cologne. What else was there? Umm, that was it basically, it was all about Fable III. Although Fable II is coming to Marketplace on September 29. Overall, we’re just happy Fable III is coming at […]

  • MS's GC Press Event: Lionhead still "working" on Milo and Kate

    Thought that with Fable III in development, you’d see no more of Milo? Wrong. Peter Molyneux just confirmed in the MS presser in Cologne that Lionhead are still “working hard” on Milo & Kate. Your dreams of being a virtual paedo are still alive. See what happened in the conference here.

  • Frontier's David Braben defends Lionhead's Milo & Kate

    Frontier’s David Braben, creator of Elite and the upcoming sequel to LostWinds, has defended Lionhead’s Milo & Kate and the reputed “smoke and mirrors” aspect of it. “I think there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of with good, complex smoke and mirrors,” he told Eurogamer during Develop. “With all of these things, we’re building […]