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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system cut back on PS3, Xbox 360

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor content will be similar across all versions of the game, however, the Nemesis system will scaled back on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Nemesis System creates procedurally-generated enemies

    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor orcs are individuals: no two are the same, and no two players will have the same encounter with these foes, according to the game’s director of design Michael de Plater.

  • EndWar 2 put on the "backburner"

    Having previously confirmed that a sequel to voice-controlled RTS EndWar was in development at Ubi Shanghai, Michael de Plater, lead on the original’s team, has told VG247 that the project has been put on hold.

  • Feature: Is there a way forward for RTS?

    RTS is doomed, if you listen to the naysayers. We sincerely hoped it wasn’t, so we asked EndWar dev lead and Ubisoft Montpellier creative director Michael de Plater, RUSE developer Eugen and British starlet Creative Assembly what problems are facing real-time strategy and whether or not the genre can move passed them.

  • Ubisoft: Christmas is "brutal" for new IP's

    Ubisoft’s Michael De Plater has spoken out on releasing new IPs against big blockbuster games at Christmas, citing the holiday season as a “brutal” period to send them out to the market. “It’s a bit tough to launch a new IP exactly at Christmas when you’re head-to-head with blockbuster sequels. It’s interesting to see a […]

  • EndWar boss - PC and console difference is about "hit-driven" market, not design

    Ubisoft dev head Michael de Plater has told VG247 that the differences between success in the PC and console spaces are less to do with design and more concerned with “the market”. De Plater most recently headed up voice-based multi-format RTS EndWar at Ubi Shanghai. “It was the biggest learning experience of my life,” said […]

  • EndWar sequel in the works

    Ubisoft’s Michael de Plater has told Videogamer that an Endwar sequel is definitely in the works. “Giving more attention to the single-player is straightforward to address and will make the game a lot of fun,” said the exec. “Changing the way the combat chain works, the paper, scissors, rock, and adding the differentiation between the […]

  • Natal could add "Minority Report-type feeling" to console RTS

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop today, Endwar dev boss Michael de Plater has suggested that Natal could breathe new life into the difficult world of console RTS. “Natal doesn’t only have the camera, but the microphone as well,” he said. “The combination of voice and gesture could be really powerful and immersive. “You could definitely […]

  • Ubi: Endwar's not about being a blockbuster on day one

    Tom Clancy’s EndWar’s going into shops day and date with Gears of War 2 on November 7, but Ubisoft Shanghai director Michael de Plater isn’t worried. The voice-comm strategy game is likely to be a slow burn, he told VG247. “I don’t think EndWar’s all about being a blockbuster on day one,” he said. “I […]

  • StarCraft on console would look more like EndWar, says Ubi

    Blizzard would never simply port StarCraft to console. If it decided to move to under-TV machines with the franchise, the game would end up looking more like Tom Clancy’s EndWar than its PC counterpart, Ubi Shanghai director Michael de Plater’s told VG247. “Something like the StarCraft universe would be fantastic for the style of game […]

  • Strategy boss: Listening to hardcore audience has killed RTS sales

    Listening to feedback from hardcore RTS fans has driven complexity up and sales days in the genre. That’s according to Ubi Shanghai boss Michael de Plater, dev lead on Tom Clancy’s EndWar. “Strategy games have almost suffered by listening too much to their hardcore audience,” the exec told VG247. “Every iteration, from Command & Conquer […]

  • Halo Wars and voice comms wouldn't be a good mix, says EndWar boss

    Voice controls wouldn’t work with Ensemble RTS Halo Wars, EndWar boss Michael de Plater has told VG247, as it’s too complex a game. “I don’t even know that voice command would even be a very good solution for that style of game because the complexity of what you have to do is so much higher, […]

  • EndWar's voice input inspired by Guitar Hero and Wii

    Tom Clancy’s EndWar’s voice-controlled antics took their cue from the “natural” input methods of Guitar Hero and Wii, Ubisoft Shanghai boss Michael de Plater has told VG247. “We were very much inspired by other natural input methods, whether it’s the guitar for Guitar Hero, or the steering wheel for driving games, or the Wii,” said […]

  • Ensemble would have survived if Microsoft had confidence in PC sales, says de Plater

    Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater has said he believes Microsoft would have kept Ensemble Studios running if the firm has real confidence in PC games sales. “I think it’s terrible, really a shame that Ensemble’s been shut,” he told VG247. “It’s really a bit of a shock… It just speaks of the problems […]

  • Ubisoft creative director: "Piracy's basically killing PC"

    Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater has told VG247 that a PC version of EndWar would most likely be shipping alongside the console SKUs if it wasn’t for rampant PC piracy, and that copyright theft is essentially destroying the PC games market. “To be honest, if PC wasn’t pirated to hell and back, there’d […]