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Funcom shelves Xbox 360 version of Conan MMO

Funcom has said there are currently “no plans” to bring Age of Conan to consoles, but the firm is still working on console technology as well as its newly announced AoC free-to-play initiative on PC.

Hyborian Adventures headlines

  • New solo instances detailed for Age of Conan

    Funcom has detailed three new solo instances for Age of Conan.

  • Age of Conan retail package to contain Rise of the Godslayer

    Funcom has announced that a retail release containing both Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and the expansion Rise of the Godslayer is to be published by Deep Silver.

  • AoC: Hyborian Adventures still in development for Xbox 360

    Funcom has revealed that Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is still in development for Xbox 360.

  • The Iron Tower and veteran rewards program annouced for Age of Conan

    Looks like a new level 80 dungeon, the Iron Tower, and a veteran rewards program is heading to Age of Conan. This bit of good news was revealed in the latest director’s letter on the official site. The veteran rewards program uses “veteran points” – instead of a reward per-month interval system – with monthly […]

  • Funcom offering two free weeks of play for Age of Conan

    Funcom has announced that players who used to have an Age of Conan account can come back for free. From now until July 22, former can players re-activate their accounts with no obligations and receive 2 weeks of additional free playtime. Hopefully all the improvements made over the months and the upcoming expansion will sway […]

  • Free trial campaign launches for Age of Conan

    Funcom is has launched a free trial for Age of Conan. In an attempt to reel in more subscribers to the struggling MMO, the game’s director has posted an open letter on AoC’s official site, detailing the plan. Also mentioned was AoC’s new update, expected to land on the test servers sometime this week with […]

  • Four new dungeons added to Age of Conan

    A big PvP fix for Age of Conan will patch next time you log into the game. The update includes four new dungeons. Three new instances for maxed-out players include wing three of Black Ring Citadel, Slaughterhouse Cellar, and Xibaluku. Cradle of Decay is for mid-level players. Class tweaks, new emotes and crafting drops have […]