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Lord of the Rings: Conquest: good and evil campaigns, four-player co-op, play as Sauron, much more


Pandemic game director Eric 'Giz' Gewirtz has revealed a ton of information about the newly revealed Lord of the Rings: Conquest in this Eurogamer.de interview, including first word on 16-player multiplay, four-player co-op for the Story mode, good and evil campaigns and plenty more.

These quotes are translated from German (thanks Tanja!) so the odd word may be displaced here and there.

On the good and evil campaigns:

"We cover two complete campaigns. One for the good, one for the evil side. But for the very first time in a Lord of the Rings game, you are able to play the big bad guys by yourself (Sauron, Balrog etc.). In the good campaign you're saving Middle Earth. The evil campaign features a brand new story. We tell the story how Frodo fails, how he dies and how Sauron gets hold of the Ring. The campaign itself starts close to the end of the Triology, and you have to help Sauron conquer Middle Earth. So, we've got a massive story for both of the campaigns."

On the various modes:

"You can play multiplayer with up to 16 players. The solo campaign, on the other hand, is for up to four players co-op, over split-screen or just playable on your own."

"Beside the campaigns, which you can play solo or co-op, we going to feature [many other] different modes. First of all we have Conquest mode, in which you got to hold several points, pretty much like the one from Star Wars Battlefront. Also, we have CTF and, of course, Deathmatch, with all the mighty heroes. On top of that we've got some funny stuff like, for example, Ringbearer mode. One player is Frodo, the others, being the Nazgul, have to catch him. The goal is to survive as long as possible. [Frodo switches roles with the Nazgul when he's caught] We're really trying to expand the key gameplay."

About the four character classes:

"Theres four different character classes we feature in Conquest. The Warrior uses different special attacks, some pretty mean throws and can set his sword on fire. The Archer has special shooting attacks, can set up traps and, if necessary, fight in close combat. The Scout is like a thief. He can be partially invisible, brutally attacks from behind, and uses bombs which causes area damage. The fourth class is the Spellcaster, which uses all sort of magic. He got several damage spells, is able to summon flame-walls and can heal the own troops."

Read the rest through the link. Drop it through a machine translator if you're not so good with German: you'll get the gist.

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