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Archived Stream: It's GamesRadar vs. USgamer in NHL 15

Take a break from Destiny and watch Kat take on GamesRadar freelancer Rich Grisham in a five game series.

This article first appeared on USgamer, a partner publication of VG247. Some content, such as this article, has been migrated to VG247 for posterity after USgamer's closure - but it has not been edited or further vetted by the VG247 team.

Okay, so NHL isn't that great this year. But GamesRadar freelancer/Press Row Podcast host Rich Grisham and I have a tradition to uphold, darn it. And uphold it we shall.

Every year, Rich and I get together and play a series with his New Jersey Devils and my Minnesota Wild. This year, we're going to stream it! Ordinarily we go seven games, but since that might take a long time to finish, we're going to go best of five instead. You can watch it here:

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While we play, Rich and I will be highlighting some of our issues with this year's version, talking about our hopes and dreams for the upcoming NHL season, and speculating on FIFA. It'll be fun! Feel free to drop by and join us while we play.

Oh, and a quick spoiler: I always win these games, and the Wild are really overpowered this year. Hope you're ready, Rich!

By the way, you can read Rich's review here. And of course, our Twitch channel is here See you at 4!

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