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Beware of forced out villagers glitching your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You may want to think twice about adopting villages in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons player have run into a major new glitch that involves taking in villagers from other players' games.

In New Horizons, villagers are able to leave a player's island, which then allows another player to take them in. However, some villagers only leave after being forced out, which players sometimes do to thanks to the ten-per-island limit. The problem occurs when you take in a villager who's been pushed out, not one of the many who left on their own accord.

If you adopt one of those villagers, their plot of land will say "'s New Home" but the villager won't move in. You also won't be able to place any new plots for new villagers. According to players on Reddit, it doesn't matter how villagers were originally acquired (such as through amiibo), only when they get forced out does the bug occur.

There's currently no guaranteed way of fixing this bug, so you should find a way of knowing whether the villager you're about to take in has been forced out or not. You could ask the player who sent them to provide evidence that they didn't force them out, for instance. Villagers whose items are in boxes have been forced out.

The same Reddit thread did, however, bring us a possible workaround that involves removing the glitched out plot. This doesn't always work, but some on the Bell Tree Forums - where the original discovery was made - seem to have had some luck with it.

Here's what they recommend:

  1. Go on an Island Tour.
  2. Find a villager on the island and invite them to your island.
  3. This will cause them to move into the bugged plot, meaning their house will look like the forced villager's house.
  4. Your invited villager's own house will still appear at a different spot, but you won't be able to enter it.
  5. Now ask the villager you just invited to move out.
  6. When that happens, both houses will disappear, giving you back two plots.

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