Missed out on seeing The Farm during the Destiny 2 open beta? Take a tour with us

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 24 July 2017 07:53 GMT

Destiny 2 open beta testers had a lovely time on The Farm this weekend.

The Farm is Destiny 2’s new social space, and it looks to be a doozy even in early test form; it’s absolutely resplendent with small details and touches. Did you notice the mud and the way you leave footprints and slide in it? Glorious. Check out Shabana’s exploration in the video below, or read on for some highlights.

Although Bungie officially only opened the Farm for one hour of the Destiny 2 open beta, players were not kicked out when the window closed; many were able to remain for much longer periods just by hanging around and remaining active, leaving only when they wanted to switch off their consoles or experienced a network error.

While The Farm was missing the chickens we had all so looked forward to pestering, there was plenty to see and do besides play football with other Destiny 2 beta testers. Interactive elements found so far include lamps and the sparklers and flares set off when goals were scored on the soccer pitch. The addition of a mantle or climb allowed players to reach even more unlikely positions than in the original Destiny, and some players whiled way their time using the water wheel as a treadmill, or running inside it like a hamster.

Just poking around and exploring was fun for returning players, too; although there were no NPCs in residence it wasn’t hard to see who’d go where based on props – Dead Orbit seems still to be present on Earth in Destiny 2, which must annoy them a bit, and there are areas that look like Eververse, Vault, Cryptarch and quartermaster stands. Players found a couple of different places to glitch out of the map, turning up a secret room near the Cryptarch – although nothing too exciting was found in them.

Some players spent their time trying to work out the mysteries of the beta, like this weird cross on the ground, a snatch of what may be morse code, and a string of letters and numbers that looks a lot more like an error than a secret. Nothing came of any of them, unfortunately.

Others just engaged in the ever popular Destiny social activities of Sitting In Amusing Places, Crouch Walking Conga, Dance Parties, Emote Debates and Committing Suicide. A new one was invented just for the Destiny 2 open beta, too – Standing By The Bots So You Look Like A Bot. Never change, Guardians.

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