Overwatch’s latest patch fixes Zarya, Winston, and Mercy bugs

By Marshall Lemon, Thursday, 7 July 2016 13:26 GMT

And Blizzard tweaked a Competitive Play bug as well.

Control_Winston (Copy)

Overwatch’s latest patch fixes Zarya, Winston, and Mercy bugs

You may have noticed Overwatch just gained a new patch and assumed it was related to Competitive Play’s latest troubles. While the mode has seen some minor updates, the leaving games issue is being addressed later this week – the real focus is on hero bugs which plagued the PC version.

For example, the damage scaling with Zarya’s bomb shot has been adjusted, which tended to deal high values every while her energy charge depleted. Mercy has also been tweaked so her beams don’t disconnect from allies when switching from heal to damage buff, pressing two mouse buttons at once, or turning around. Finally, Winston’s melee attacks during Primal Rage strike more consistently than before.

Overwatch’s Competitive Play saw fixes to its Sudden Death timers, but what fans are really clamoring for is a fix for the leaving bug. Rest assured, Blizzard is well aware of the concern and will have a new patch soon. “We have a fix coming for this. Hopefully today. Worst case, this week,” Game director Jeff Kaplan said. “We definitely don’t want people getting shrekt.”

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