Epic’s VR experience Bullet Train probably won’t be released as a full game

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 4 May 2016 14:50 GMT

Epic’s impressive VR experience Bullet Train will likely not be released as a full game.


epic ‘s VR experience Bullet Train probably won’t be released as a full game

Speaking with Polygon, Bullet Train’s lead producer Tommy Jacob said it will remain a tech demo as an example of what can be achieved with VR.

The studio plans to develop VR games in the future, but for now, Bullet Train’s primary purpose is internal use.

“I think there’s an obvious argument for the game side of Epic to embrace the VR and build something,” Jacob told Polygon, reiterating what other team Epic team members stated during GDC 2016 in March.

Bullet Train was shown off during Oculus VR Connect 2 in September last year, and used the Oculus Touch controller for locomotion. The tech demo features a world-scale VR gunfight with bullet time gameplay.

Teleportation, time manipulation, and close-quarters combat feature prominently, and players can also virtually interact with various weapons and feel them through haptic feedback.

The video for Bullet Train shown last year has been reposted below.

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