Destiny’s new reward packages won’t end up as more useless Legendary Marks

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 1 April 2016 03:06 GMT

Destiny players don’t need any more Legendary Marks – and won’t be getting them. Hooray!

destiny_blighted_chalice_strike (8)

If you play Destiny: The Taken King seriously or even semi-seriously, you may be pretty sick of Legendary Marks. Although Bungie will only let you hold 200 at a time, most regular players have purchased everything they’d ever want to buy with this endgame currency.

It’s kind of annoying to receive Legendary Marks as a reward when you don’t have anything to use them on, which is what makes the new Sterling Treasure boxes system so interesting. Gear and customisation items instead of more currency? Yes, please.

Well, it gets better than that: if you do happen to receive something you don’t want or already have from a Sterling Treasure Box, you can dismantle it in the happy knowledge that it won’t end up as yet another stack of Legendary Marks. Instead, you’ll receive Chroma – the new customisation item you can use to tint certain weapons and armour sets. Nice one, Bungie.

Sterling Treasure Boxes arrive in game with the Destiny April update, a whopping (and free) patch which overhauls Prison of Elders, adds new strikes, raises the Light cap and much more.

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