Street Fighter 5 beta datamined to reveal new characters

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 27 October 2015 11:55 GMT

The second phase of the Street Fighter 5 beta took place over the weekend on PC. Naturally, it was datamined to hell.

street_fighter_5_ken (4)

As with most games on PC, the beta client for Street Fighter 5 has been dissected to reveal more than what Capcom has officially revealed. The information coming out of these datamines, however, are always speculative and many not pan out.

Forum members on NeoGAF have compiled a list of everything uncovered so far. Character names are in Japanese in some places and are represented by three letters in others.


The above image shows a number of unannounced character, including a new character as well as Dhalsim. These characters are shown with relation to story files, which adds more credence to them actually getting announced.

There are also other mentions in the code for Urien and Alex.



Other references to a possible boss character and more can be found through the link.

Street Fighter 5 is out in 2016.

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