4K is dead tech walking, according to this survey

By Dave Owen, Monday, 18 August 2014 14:01 GMT

Some have hailed it as the next big thing in gaming, but a now a survey has warned that super high-res 4K displays are doomed to the scrap heap.

4k tv

The Diffusion Group has found that only 6% of broadband homes are “moderately” or “highly likely” to a buy a 4K TV, and a whopping 83% of consumers don’t even know the term Ultra HD.

Even if customers are aware of 4K’s existence, the price of sets is proving prohibitive. The survey found that even a relatively cheap set costing $999 was only a definite purchase for 3.4% of respondents. A higher priced set at $1999 dropped the figure to 1.9%.

There is also the issue that to stream 4K content requires fast internet connections that simply aren’t available in most homes.

4K games haven’t much of a dent in the games market just yet, although they have made more headway for PC gaming, where a 4K-capable monitor is cheaper than a TV. Still, on this evidence, we might be waiting while before 4K becomes the standard display for video games.

Source: The Register.

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