21 mods we want for GTA 5 on PC

By Matt Martin, Friday, 1 August 2014 11:34 GMT

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15. Zombies!

If it’s true that zombies are on the way, Rockstar needs to get to it quicker than the modders are.

16. First person gameplay

Let’s get a whole new perspective on Los Santos.

17. Explosions: go big or go home

GTA is a chaotic game at the best of times. Why no crank that up by adding bigger, badder explosions?

18. Wolverine. In a wheelchair

He’s the best at what he does. Which means rolling around town and blowing things up by waving at them.

19. Oh, if we’re doing more superheroes…

Then let’s go the whole hog and have the Ninja Turtles try and take down the Hulk.

20. Play as a cop

Sometimes you’ve got to play as the good guy. Well, we say good guy but we just mean dress up as a cop and kill people.

21. No gravity

Because after all the mayhem and explosions, drifting across the Los Santos’ skyline is surprisingly tranquil.

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