The 28 most anticipated games of E3 2014

By Dave Cook
3 June 2014 14:05 GMT

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E3 2014 kicks off next week and it promises to be a bumper year of reveals and fresh information on the hottest new games. Dave Cook runs down our list of the top 28 most-anticipated games at the show.

We’ve converged in the VG247 orbital news strike platform and discussed the games we’re most looking forward to at E3 2014. As we ranked each game using our hype-omiter there were tears, there were laughs, and someone even cried. Now here, for your reading pleasure, are our top 28 most-anticipated games of the show.


28. Sunset Overdrive

Last seen in: Sunset Overdrive’s guns look insane in this new trailer

It’s a new Xbox One exclusive and a fresh IP. In a world filled with sequels that’s surely a good thing, right? Insomniac’s first new-gen title has made this list because it’s not smothered by drab colours and stereotypical plot nonsense about rogue nations, terrorist plots or other familiar guff. It looks insane, funny, colourful, slick and more than a little bit like Jet Set Radio. We’re not seeing a downside yet.


27. Fable: Legends

Last seen in: Fable Legends: Xbox One shots show new enemy type, lush environments

Fable games may have taken a dip in recent years, but we’re liking the concept of having four human-controlled heroes working through a quest while another human controlled villain tries to make their life a living hell. Jokes about the cloud aside, this is a new form of co-op and PvP set within a universe that still manages to charm us with its British wit and morally-skewed backbone. We can’t wait to kick those new-gen chickens.


26. Homefront: The Revolution

Last seen in: Homefront: The Revolution is open-world, out 2015 – trailer

We first heard this one was coming about two years ago, but it’s official; the next Homefront is going open-world thanks to Crytek UK, and it’s coming to PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac and Linux in 2015. It’s set four years after North Korea assumed control of the US with its superior technology, and it’s up to your band of rebels to take it back. We weren’t too keen on the first game, but it’s the open-world setting that appeals to us most. It could work.


25. Mortal Kombat X

Last seen in: Mortal Kombat X officially confirmed for 2015, trailer inside

The ninth Mortal Kombat game was a solid reboot that took the series’ special blend of bone crunching, head decapitating madness to a new generation. It had a great combo system, tons of chunky characters, audacious Fatalities and a neat story mode. We’re expecting more of the same with some new tricks, but with the added bonus of being on new-gen machines as well. This can only be a good thing, surely?


24. Resident Evil 7

Last seen in: Capcom doesn’t want to repeat series mistakes, but what else can it do?

It seems that Resident Evil 7 rumours appear every E3 season, but we’re hopeful that Capcom will drop something in LA next week. What will the new game look like? Well, if the company has a lick of sense it’ll ditch the over-emphasis on gunplay and truly, honestly take the series back to its roots like it’s been promising for some time now. Chuck in some Barry Burton for good measure please Capcom. Ta!


23. Battlecry

Last seen in: Battlecry is Bethesda’s take on Team Fortress – trailer

This one took us by surprise recently, as it wasn’t leaked ahead of time and because it’s another new IP. Interestingly, Battlecry was designed by Half-Life 2 and Dishonored’s Viktor Antonov, so that plants it firmly on our radar straight off the bat. It’s a multiplayer combat game set in an interesting post-apocalyptic steampunk world with chunky character and even chunkier facial hair. Plus, watch that trailer, seriously.


22. Evolve

Last seen in: Watch the hunters in Evolve try to bring down a Goliath and Mega Mouths

Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead is feeling better each time we play or see it, and it’s not hard to see why. The 4v1 multiplayer format demands strict teamwork in order to take the alien player down effectively, and there’s an incredible amount of class diversity and skills to play with. We’re big Left 4 Dead fans here at VG247, and in the absence of a third game out of Valve we’re glad someone’s keeping this blend for co-op alive and well.


21. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Last seen in: Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots show off Emprise Du Lion

This is sounding mighty interesting. It might not be open-world as first rumoured, but BioWare is making Dragon Age bigger in this third instalment, with only you and your all-star Inquisition team standing between the Breach and the salvation of Thedas. It sounds like it’ll go back to the roots of Origins, with plenty of moral consequence and tough decisions to be made as you assemble the team, and let’s not forget that it’s looking rather shiny on PC and the new-gens.

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