Kinect is dead: even these awesome mods couldn’t keep it alive

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 15 May 2014 07:51 GMT

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The Board of Awesomeness

Because anything’s better than Tony Hawk’s SHRED. Developed by Chaotic Moons Studios, the Board of Awesomeness is an actual skateboard that accelerates by hand using a Kinect sensor fixed at the front. It’s capable of reaching a top-speed of 32mph. This might not work so well in your front room, to be fair, but it is impressive.

This Kinect-to-3D printer scanning tool

Hands up if you played Tearaway on PS Vita? To those who don’t know it all that well; the game features collectible papercraft print-outs that give players the chance to re-create Media Molecule’s characters as real paper figures. It’s like taking something digital then making it real. Now watch Geomagic’s clip above.

In it, one of the team members scans his own face, then sends the data to a 3D printer that reproduces the image as a physical object. How neat would it be to collect – say – a Marcus Fenix unlock in Black Tusk’s new Gears of War that rewards you with a printable 3D figurine? You’d need the printer to begin with of course, but remember, we’re talking potentially years down the line here. Would it work?

Or we could all just dance like it’s 1999 again

Ah Garry’s Mod, do you ever run out of reasons to be awesome?

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