Titanfall designer details Runoff map from Expedition DLC

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 5 May 2014 06:03 GMT

Titanfall is getting its first DLC expansion this month, and designer Geoff Smith has provided a peek at one of its new maps – Runoff.

In a new post on the shooter’s website, Smith provided the art, screens and design documents in the gallery below, and said Runoff had originally been designed for inclusion in the main game before Respawn ran out of time.

“Runoff was an experiment to try and make a small map but still allow Titans enough pathing options so that they don’t feel constrained or limited,” he said.

“The core concept of the level is multiple layers of paths: concrete canals filled with water and trash below, and upper levels that are cleaner and more industrial. I thought the canals would be cool for Titans to fight in, with Pilots able to jump across them. I also set out to make more choke points in the level, something that is pretty hard to do in our game, at least for Pilots with their enhanced mobility.”

There are three main buildings at the heart of Runoff, looming above a trench which acts as the “central artery” of the map, and can trap Titans – or provide them with an exit. In Capture the Flag, the hot zones are at either end of the trench. Smith said the map is adaptable, and is played differently in each mode.

The other maps in the Expedition pack are called Swampland and War Zone; you can read all about the latter.

Expedition will go for $10 and is included in the season pass.

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