Gunslugs Vita has extra features, benefitted from Hotline Miami port experience

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 18 February 2014 06:01 GMT

Gunslugs arrives on Vita in this week’s PlayStation Store update, having made the transition to the handheld pretty smoothly, according to port developer Abstraction Games.


In an internal interview published on the PlayStation Blog, programmer Rutger Janssen said the team added leaderboards, trophies and cloud saving to the Vita port.

The process of porting is complicated, but the team drew on its experience porting Hotline Miami and developed new tools it will sue on future projects.

“We learned a lot thanks to our earlier experience with Hotline Miami on PS Vita, so this was a smooth ride,” Janssen said.

“This is one of the first adaptations where we created a special tool chain that allowed us to convert one coding language to another, allowing the basics of one language to easily be translated to another. When we did Hotline Miami we gained experience using some of these tools, so we further developed this tool chain for Gunslugs, which worked really well.”

Abstraction expects the tool it has developed to be useful in porting another upcoming Orange Pixel title, Heroes of Loot.

The latest Gunslugs trailer is below, and we’ll have more about it tomorrow, as Matt’s been playing it quite a bit.

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