Xbox One DVR capture is “big, big win” for indie visibility on Live, says Harrison

By Dave Cook, Tuesday, 24 September 2013 10:45 GMT

Xbox One’s video capture feature will help gamers discover indie titles on Xbox Live due to the viral nature of gameplay clips, according to Microsoft’s Phil Harrison.

Speaking with, Harrison said of the new Xbox Live store, “Ten years of Xbox Live has given us a pretty good understanding of what consumers like, what is important to them and where we can continue to innovate. Look at some of the things we’re doing on Xbox One with the marketplace re-imagined, and with trending and recommendations built into the store. We’re really pushing hard on this, we’re not standing still by any means. Also the virality we’re building into the platform that you won’t see on competing stores.”

He added of the Xbox One’s DVR functions, “This is strongly related to the ID@Xbox programme too, where these viral tools will help independent developers connected with their audiences. Upload is a feature that accrues benefits to any developer or publisher, irrespective of type or size. It’s going to be a big, big win for games discoverability.

“One of the number one questions that any independent developer has to ask themselves, irrespective of platform, is what is our acquisition strategy? How do we connect our smart game idea with the audience? It’s no longer about buying a couple of double page ads in the specialist press and getting a preview, review and tips over three months. It’s a bit more sophisticated than that.”

Do you think Microsoft will succeed in making its ID@Xbox idnie games visible on the new Xbox Live store, or will they be damned to obscurity behind layers of menus?

Let us know what you think below.

Via OXM.

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