Guild Wars 2 players will venture into Twilight Arbor in October via Twilight Assault update

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 24 September 2013 17:53 GMT

Guild Wars 2 is getting another new content update in October called Twilight Assault.

According to the official description, there’s been some suspicious activity going on in Twilight Arbor with the Nightmare Courtiers “still pursuing their dark agenda,” with Scarlet “hatching some new plot as well.”

The sylvari Caithe is “troubled by these rumors” and needs your help a by infiltrating Twilight Arbor and putting a stop to things.

The content contains a new level 80 quest which takes you to a secret facility in Twilight Arbor and new rewards include the Slickpack back item that glows, and there’s also a miniaturized version of “one of the most powerful foes you’ll face in your assault on Twilight Arbor” up for grabs.

Rare weapons drops are also available and are the new versions of the Nightmare weapons which give off a “blue aetherized glow.”

Aether Chests will also be available and spread across Maguuma Jungle, players can find Aether Key Pieces. Collect and combine five of these to form a key that will open said chests.

Twilight Assault starts October 1.

A video is below along with screenshots.

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