YouGov poll suggests 61% of Brits feel games cause real world violence

By Dave Cook, Monday, 23 September 2013 16:28 GMT

A new poll conducted by UK institution YouGov has suggested that 61% of UK residents feel there is a link between playing videogames and acts of real world aggression or violence.

MCV reports that the poll asked participants to either agree or disagree with the statement, “Video games can be a cause of real-world violence and aggression.” 61% agreed, while 39% disagreed. However, it is unclear how many people were polled.

Conversely, 57% of those consulted stated that games could actually be a useful aide in helping people release pent up frustration or aggression, while 43% disagreed.

Across the poll, the older candidates got, the more they felt there was a link between gaming and violence. There was a gender divide too, with 48% of males and 71% of females believing that such a connection exists.

Recently, GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts have come under fire in the tabloid press, suggesting there are still concerns over the link between gaming and violence.

Here is the poll in full. What do you think?

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