South Australian Attorney General feels some mature games are falling through the R18+ cracks

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 20 September 2013 20:13 GMT

South Australia Attorney General John Rau feels the R18+ rating isn’t being applied properly, and needs to be investigated further by the Federal Governmenr.

According to ABC Australia (via Polygon), Rau feels the updated system is giving children access to violent, sexually explicit games rated MA15+ when in counties like the UK and the US, these same games were handed an “M” rating.

“It is concerning to me, particularly as a parent, when I see that 13 games have been released in Australia as MA15+ whilst exactly the same game attracts up to an R18+ classification overseas,” he said, citing God Mode, Killer is Dead, and The Walking Dead as examples.

“These particular games have been assessed as having intense violence, blood and gore, nudity and suggestive themes. If the standards are not more rigorously applied I will be referring each of these games to the South Australian Classification Council for review.”

Rau doesn’t want to do away with the rating, he claims, he just wants the new, federal Attorney-General George Brandis to reassess how the ACB rates video games.

He also added that he was satisfied Grand Theft Auto 5 had been handed an R18+ classification before its release earlier this week.

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