Kickstarter Starcraft fan MMO releases new gameplay footage to hit $80,000 target with two days to go

By Ewan Miller, Monday, 9 September 2013 03:31 GMT

With only 46 hours left in its Blizzard endorsed Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Starcraft Universe have released gameplay footage from players fighting one of the game’s raid bosses. Check out the video after the jump.

The project currently has ~$77,000 of its $80,000 target, making it decently likely the Free to Play MMO mod for Starcraft 2 will be funded. Of course, the project might fall victim to backers withdrawing their funds now that they’re faced with the prospect of actually paying, a danger for all Kickstarters.

Along with Blizzard’s ongoing effort to create a new Dota, Starcraft Universe is probably the most recognised mods to emerge from Starcraft 2’s robust mod ecosystem, which Blizzard were hoping would attract the next Dota via the ability to charge for your mod.

If you want to try the boss fight in the video yourself and have some mates who think likewise, you can play an alpha version via this link if you’ve got a North American copy of Starcraft 2 installed, or this one if you come from Europe.

Although it was obviously helped via its Blizzard endorsement, the it’s impressive how much funding and interest a Free to Play mod has managed to generate. Whether the project makes its last couple of thousand dollars or not, it’s an impressive story.

Thanks, Games on Net.

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