Xbox One’s first TV commercial focuses on NFL

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 6 September 2013 03:48 GMT

What is Xbox One for? It’s for watching the football*, apparently, while making Skype calls with your friends, who are mysteriously also watching the football but in an open air bar equipped with a big screen TV and console.

IGN reports this is the first TV commercial for Xbox One, and it has nothing to say about video games. To be fair, everyone likely to look at this article already knows all about the games, but may conceivably need to be informed about sport, while the wider audience who find this sort of thing deeply compelling probably aren’t going to be swayed by some clips from Forza 5. Also, this ad began airing alongside the 2013 NFL season, so there’s a lot of potential consumer synergy there.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what Microsoft and Sony bring to the party as we count down towards the November launch of both consoles; the latter has a particularly interesting back catalogue of TV spots.

Microsoft began making a major push for TV content on Xbox Live since well before the Xbox One debuted and looks set to try and muscle in among cable TV providers as a living room all-in-one device.

Thanks, Shack News. *Football as defined by Americans. Don’t even get the Australian started on this topic, Euro friends.

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