Mighty No. 9 next-gen ports possible if demand is high enough

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 2 September 2013 23:21 GMT

Comcept and Inti Creates have elected not to offer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases as a stratch goal for Mighty No. 9, but are open to changing their minds should fans demand it.

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune told Joystiq that the decision to hold off on PS4 and Xbox One ports should keep costs down, as developer Inti Creates is not familiar with next-gen tech and would need to outlay significantly on dev kits, treaining and research.

That said, Inafune is excited by Kickstarter’s potential to allow fans to express their thoughts on the topic, and seems willing to change his mind if he sees enough demand,

“It allows us to see how excited they are, what they really want, how vocal they are about certain parts and it allows us to, reflexively, adjust some of what those stretch goals are,” he said.

“What we can say is we’re always listening and seeing what they say, but it will forever – and this is the way Kickstarter has to be, unless you’re going to be lying to the end user which is what we will absolutely not do – it has to be a balance of what the production realities are and what the fans want.”

Mighty No. 9 made its $900,000 goal in just over one day, and at time of writing had already pulled in over $1 million, so Inafune will likely have plenty of wiggle room for stretch goals by the end of its month-long funding round.

Currently listed stretch goals include two more levels at $1.2 million; a making-of documentary at $2 million; and PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 ports at $2.5 million. It’s currently expected on PC only, with Mac and Linux versions unlocked at $1.35 million.

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