Twitch announces massive PAX Prime schedule

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 27 August 2013 16:13 GMT

Twitch has sent over its schedule for PAX Prime this weekend and to say the streaming service is going to be a busy bee, is an understatement.

The service will be live streaming from more than 50 developers, eSports tournaments, panel appearances, community events, and official PAX theatre content

It is also partnering with both NVIDIA and Wargaming to host an industry gala for the GeForce eSports $100K Open Finals, and broadcasting the SMITE $20K North America Invitational and games from more than fifty developers.

“PAX conventions are the perfect union between the gaming industry and its fans, mirroring what Twitch is doing online,” said Amber Dalton, director of marketing and events for Twitch. “Given our love of PAX and its passionate gamer community, we are involved in everything from events and parties to panels and booth activities—all of which is complemented by a live streaming component. So if you can’t make PAX, you can still tune in online to see some of the best content on display.”

Here’s some of the events the service has announced,plus it will be giving away prizes at its booth:

SMITE $20K North America Invitational

Join Hi-Rez Studios and Twitch for the first ever SMITE $20K NA Invitational happening live from the Twitch booth daily and viewable online at (with daily prime time viewing at 4pm-6pm on Stop by to meet the four top North American teams, including Team Dignitas, COGnitive Gaming, Reason Gaming and Denial Esports NA. In-between competitions, join Twitch for open gameplay on SMITE on the sleek Alienware X51’s with high-performance professional audio provided by Twitch’s Official Audio Sponsor, Turtle Beach.

Here’s a list of the programming ti be streamed on Twitch TV -all times and content subject to change:

Friday 8/30 PDT:

· 10:00am – Dead Rising 3 (CAPCOM/Microsoft)

· 10:20am – Forza 5 (Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft)

· 10:40am – Ryse (Crytek/Microsoft)

· 11:00am – ScrewAttack brings you Angry Video Game Nerd Adventure

· 11:20am – WWE 2K14 (2K Sports)

· 11:40am – Borderlands 2 Headhunter pack (Gearbox/2K)

· 12:00pm – Hotline Miami 2 (Dennaton Games/Devolver Digital)

· 12:20pm – Tearaway (Media Molecule/Sony Computer Entertainment)

· 12:40pm – Wasteland Kings (Vlambeer)

· 1:00pm – Defiance (Trion Worlds)

· 1:15pm – Limited Edition White Twitch Hoodie Giveaway

· 1:30pm – League of Legends NA Regional Q&A with Riot Games

· 2:00pm – Volgarr the Viking (Crazy Viking Studios/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:20pm – Fist Puncher (Team 2Bit/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:30pm – Dying Light (Techland/Warner Bros.)

· 3:00pm – Aban Hawkins & the 1,001 Spikes (Nicalis)

· 3:20pm – Fates Forever (Hammer & Chisel)

· 3:40pm – Scribblenauts Unmasked (5th Cell/Warner Bros.)

· 4:00pm – SMITE $20K NA Invitational (Hi-Rez Studios); see full details below

Saturday 8/31 PDT:

· 10:00am – Project Spark (Team Dakota/Microsoft)

· 10:20am – Fable HD (Lionhead Studio/Microsoft)

· 10:40am – Killer Instinct (Double Helix/Microsoft)

· 11:00am – GamesRadar

· 11:15am – Alien Rage (City Interactive)

· 11:40am – Strife (S2 Games)

· 12:00pm – Luftrauseres (Vlambeer/Devolver Digital)

· 12:20pm – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Press Play/Microsoft)

· 12:40pm – Age of Empires II HD (Microsoft)

· 1:00pm – Trion Worlds AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session

· 1:15pm – Limited Edition White Twitch Hoodie Giveaway

· 1:30pm – XCOM: Enemy Within (Firaxis/2K)

· 2:00pm – Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe (Andrew Morrish/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:20pm – Soundodger (Studio Bean/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:30pm – PAPAtv – Professional & Amateur Pinball Association

· 3:00pm – Disgaea D2 (NIS)

· 3:20pm – The Guided Fate Paradox (NIS)

· 4:00pm – SMITE $20K NA Invitational (Hi-Rez Studios); see full details below

· 6:00pm – EverQuest Next, DC Universe Online, Dragon’s Prophet (Sony Online Entertainment)

· 7:00pm – TBA (Epic Games)

Sunday 9/1 PDT:

· 10:00am – Super Star Golf (Microsoft)

· 10:20am – New Halo DLC (343 Studios/ Microsoft)

· 10:40am – World of Tanks (Wargaming/Microsoft)

· 11:00am – The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Ubisoft Montreal) being played by Destructoid

· 11:20am – Look at my Chicken (Community Spotlight)

· 11:30am – Polygon

· 12:00pm – The PopCap Hour

· 1:00pm – RIFT (Trion Worlds)

· 1:15pm – Limited Edition White Twitch Hoodie Giveaway

· 1:30pm – TBA (NC Soft)

· 1:40pm – Forge (Dark Vale Games)

· 2:00pm – Super Comboman (Super Comboman Team/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:20pm – Jazzpunk (Necrophone Games/Adult Swim Games)

· 2:30pm – TBA (Epic Games)

· 3:00pm – Kerbal Space Program (Squad)

· 3:20pm – Shadow Warrior (Flying Wild Hog/Devolver Digital)

· 4:00pm – SMITE $20K NA Invitational (Hi-Rez Studios); see full details below

Monday 9/2 PDT (indie showcase)

· 11:00am – Indie Mega Booth intro show

· 11:20am – Barkley 2 (Tales of Game’s)

· 11:40am – Always Sometimes Monsters (Vagabond Dog)

· 12:00pm – Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Young Horses)

· 12:20pm – Don’t Starve, Incognita, Eets Munchies (Klei Entertainment)

· 12:40pm – Crypt of the Necrodancer (Brace Yourself Games)

· 1:00pm – Sportsfriends (Die Gute Fabrik)

· 1:20pm – Legend of Dungeon (Robot Loves Kitty)

· 1:30pm – TBA (Epic Games)

· 2:00pm – Gravity Ghost (Ivy Games)

· 2:20pm – Dead State (DoubleBear Productions)

· 3:00pm – The Repopulation (Above and Beyond Technologies LLC)

· 3:20pm – Contrast (Compulsion Games, Inc)

Panel and Partner Streams:

Official PAX Prime Stream

As the exclusive streaming partner of ReedPOP, the largest producer of pop culture events in the world, Content from the Main Theatre and Kraken Theatre at PAX Prime will be live streamed on Twitch.

· Main Theatre schedule:

· Kraken Theatre schedule:

For more details, view this PAX forum post.

2K – Strategy Masterminds and Inside Gearbox Software

Hosted by Adam Sessler and Firaxis Games, 2K will live stream its “Strategy Masterminds” panel on 8/31 at 3:30PM PDT. This presentation will include new details about XCOM: Enemy Within. 2K will also stream the “Inside Gearbox Software” panel at 2:30PM PDT on 9/2 which features a first look at upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC. Both panels are being streamed exclusively on Twitch at

Ubisoft – The Next Level

The Next Level, a new competitive gaming experience, is debuting at the Ubisoft booth #632 and will feature a heart pumping live action streamed competition Friday-Monday at 10:00AM – 6:00PM at Follow as players of all skill levels compete in a full decathlon gaming event, as well as exclusive developer showcases as they guide and coach players to victory and present some of the hottest titles of the year.

Panel Appearances:

Web Video for Gamers: How To Make Your Live Streaming & On Demand Video Content Awesome

· Date/Location: Sunday 9/1 3:30PM – 4:30PM @ Unicorn Theatre

· Twitch Panelist: Marcus ‘DJ Wheat’ Graham [Senior Manager of Partnerships, New Media]

Twitch: Then. Now. FOR-EV-ER

· Date/Location: Sunday 9/1 4:30PM – 5:30PM @ Kraken Theatre and

· Twitch Panelists: Emmett Shear [CEO, Founder], Jared Rea [Community Manager], Kevin Lin [Chief Operating Officer]


Twitch Fan Appreciation Mixer

· Date: Friday 8/30 @ 5:00PM – 7:00PM

· Location: Gameworks | 1511 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA

· Details: Join the Twitch community team for fun and games at the first-ever fan appreciation mixer. To get one of the limited invites, visit the Twitch booth on Friday between 10:00AM – 3:00PM and ask a staffer in a purple Twitch shirt for a special wristband and username tag.

GeForce eSports Presents World of Tanks $100K, brought to you by Twitch

· Date: Sunday 9/1 @ 6:00PM – 1:30AM

o 18+ Community Meetup: 6:00PM – 7:00PM

o World of Tanks Open Tournament: 7:00PM – 9:30PM

o 21+ only after 9:30PM

· Location: Showbox SoDo | 1426 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA

· Details: This event – which features the finals for the GeForce eSports World of Tanks 100K Open Tournament – is a collaboration between Twitch, NVidia and Wargaming. As regional champions from around the world compete for $100,000, the action will be live streamed on Twitch at

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