Curiosity version 2: Molyneux confirms update, discusses crossover with Godus

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 22 November 2012 16:55 GMT

Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? is gearing up for a version update, creator Peter Molyneux has confirmed to VG247. The developer also discussed how the Curiosity app will help his studio develop its first full title Godus, which is . Get the quotes below.

Speaking with VG247, Molyneux discussed how the Curiosity experiment is helping 22 Cans create Godus, and teased his plans for Curiosity’s version 2 update.

“There’s a couple of tech things, and one of those tech things is slightly sensitive to talk about, given what happened with Curiosity. One of those tech things is if we take multiplayer – how does that actually work? – and you can see that stuff in Curiosity.

“We’re working on version two now, I’ve been looking at it today. Now you really can see other people’s patterns as they happen. There’s not a delay. If someone taps, you see it immediately.”

That large scale multiplayer tech is what Molyneux has been experimenting with in Curiosity for Godus, which is a re-imagining of the developer’s first release Populous. In Godus, players play a god who can rip, sculpt and fashion the landscape however they see fit using touch on mobile, or with a mouse on PC.

It has competitive and cooperative multiplayer that sees players moving the earth together – similar to idea that Curiosity players will see other tappers obliterating ‘cubelets’ in real-time. Molyneux stated that the notion is a good fit for Godus.

“Using that technology in something like Godus… it would be so cool to have lots of people connected together in the same world, but we’re going to go into details of that next week.

“The other thing is, there is this question about how enjoyable is it to do simple things. Now, the simple things in Curiosity are the taps, and you cannot get simpler than that. It’s the baseline of simple, but how enjoyable can you make that action?

“There’s some interesting things, as I assumed with Curiosity that people would only tap 100-200 times in maybe a day, then maybe come back to do a tiny bit of tapping. But I’ve been blown away at how beheld lots of people feel in just tapping, going on and to keep on tapping.

“That is fascinating. In version two of Curiosity we’re introducing a new way to destroy cubelets, as we want to make that a bit deeper than it is now. It’s quite cool, and then you’ll be able to see more of the link to Godus.”

Molyneux also responded to fears among the Kicktarter community that Godus would be multiplayer focused, stating that single player will be just as important.

“Godus is as much a single player game as it’s a multiplayer game. Because people are getting confused that it’s just multiplayer. There is a single player world, and as part of that single player world you have a land that persists whether you’re on these things called ‘Crusades’ or not.

“That land will be connected to lots of other lands. Next week you’ll see exactly what I mean by that.”

We’ll have our full Godus interview with Peter Molyneux interview online soon, where he discusses god powers, land manipulation, cult followers and other gameplay mechanics. Stay tuned.

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