Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus now live

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 13 November 2012 17:22 GMT

Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus is now live. The update finds both Federation and Klingon Captains working alongside Romulan leader D’Tan to search for a new home world for the Romulan refugees.

“This is the first time Star Trek fans will have a chance to participate in the story of rebuilding the Romulan Empire” said the game’s executive producer, Daniel Stahl. “Star Trek Online players will experience first-hand the plight of the Romulus survivors as they uncover mysteries surrounding their new home world.

“In Season 7: New Romulus, players will take an active role in shaping the conflict to come as they fight for the reputation necessary to improve relations and gain support of the Romulan Empire.”

Some Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus screenshots and the launch trailer are below.

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