Guild Wars 2 server and launch timings announced

By Nick Akerman, Thursday, 16 August 2012 16:39 GMT

With only eight days until launch, the Guild Wars 2 server lists have been made public.

The game is set to provide three-day head-start for customers who pre-purchased, starting on on August 25, 8am GMT. It also opens one day ahead of schedule for those who pre-ordered, beginning August 27, 8am UK GMT.

Pre-order codes can now be registered. For everyone else, the game opens on August 28, 8am GMT. Anyone who has pre-ordered or pre-purchased can download the game client now.

Anywho, here’s the server list. All go live on August 25:


Fissure of Woe
Ring of Fire
Far Shiverpeaks
Whiteside Ridge
Ruins of Surmia
Seafarer’s Rest
Piken Square
Aurora Glade
Gunnar’s Hold
Jade Sea [FR]
Fort Ranik [FR]
Augury Rock [FR]
Vizunah Square [FR]
Kodash [DE]
Riverside [DE]
Elona Reach [DE]
Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
Drakkar Lake [DE]
Baruch Bay [ES]


Anvil Rock
Borlis Pass
Yak’s Bend
Henge of Denravi
Sorrow’s Furnace
Gate of Madness
Jade Quarry
Fort Aspenwood
Ehmry Bay
Stormbluff Isle
Sanctum of Rall
Crystal Desert
Isle of Janthir
Sea of Sorrows
Tarnished Coast
Northern Shiverpeaks
Ferguson’s Crossing

Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up.

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