Reset developers say they aren’t making an “Art Game”

By Dave Oshry, Saturday, 5 May 2012 21:06 GMT

The debut trailer for Reset was beautiful, but it’s more than skin deep.

The former Futuremark developers who’ve founded Theory Interactive are known for their graphical prowess, but they claim that their debut title will be about more than just the visuals.

Speaking with RipTen, Theory’s co-founder Alpo Oksaharju said that:

“We’re not making an art game, which could be generally difficult to enjoy, but a game which is thoughtful and atmospheric and fairly challenging. A game that isn’t fun to play isn’t fun, even it has a super high quality story”

“We’re building the game as an immersive experience, and I don’t mean just high quality graphics, but an experience that will hopefully grip players and leave thoughts afterwords. Graphics are just one tool to convey atmosphere and mood. We’re really trying to buid the story so that the player can experience the story and not just spectate it.”

They also promised that a gameplay trailer is coming soon which will demonstrate just what they mean.

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